About Katie

My creative side began to show at a young age – first with dance lessons as a child, then with music in my teenage years.  I was immersed in the band department throughout high school, playing multiple instruments and finishing as drum major.  My focus turned to other things as I went off to college, got married and moved away.  My interest in creating and design always remained and got stronger as the years went by.  Our first house was a great outlet as I decorated each room and made it our own.  I had dabbled in web and graphic design some over the years and the birth of our son gave me the opportunity to design our own custom birth announcement.  Why order one when I could make it exactly how I wanted it myself?  Then came our Christmas card that year, his birthday the following year and so on ever since.  Family and friends requested designs as well and my designs became something people would keep (and even frame!) instead of getting thrown into the normal pile of holiday greetings.

Becoming a mother also renewed a lifelong interest in photography, a career I had never seriously considered before.  I received my first DSLR prior to his 3rd birthday and the learning curve was steep, but I eventually began getting the images I hoped for – the ones that just make you stop and stare.  After a couple years, I upgraded to my current pro-level DSLR.  In recent years, I’ve shot engagements, promotional photos, still life, real estate, pets, families and, of course, child portraits.

In 2014, I was introduced to the fascinating world of Honey Bees.  I began using my woodworking skills to build beekeeping equipment for others.  In 2019, I finally had the perfect location for my own hives and started with 4.  By the summer of 2020, I had 13 hives and was able to harvest my first honey that fall.

For my photography and design, please browse through my Portfolio, then use the Contact Me form to let me know the type of design and/or photography you are interested in.  For more information on my honey bees and related products, please click HERE.

*Visit my blog @ www.The-Hall-Way.com to view my other design and DIY projects*