All Natural Raw Honey.

Our honey is made from pollen from local flowers. Honey is a superfood for both bees and us!
Pure Raw Honey

Straight from the Hive.

Our Raw Honey is a natural, unprocessed and unpasteurized sweetener straight from the hive. It contains pollen which provides vitamins, minerals, protein and more. Raw Honey also contains antioxidants and amino acids.

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Our Beekeepers

Our beekeepers use only natural products to keep our hives healthy!


All-Natural and Organic

Our honey is not your average supermarket-bought, saharoze-drenched stuff!


Happy Little Bees

Our main goal is to produce the finest honey with the utmost care for our bees!

Meet Bees’ Lovely Friends!

Katie Hall

"Buckwheat Honey has high concentrations of Antioxidant Compounds, so we grow buckwheat on our property for the bees to visit."

"1 of our every 3 bites you take is dependent on the honey bee."

"Raw Honey can eventually crystallize. Simply place in warm water to return it to liquid form although it is fine to eat in either form."

Why Honey?It’s Pure Energy!

Honey is a source of carbohydrates and is great for a quick pick-me-up!

Pure Raw Honey

Need a Steady Supply of All-Natural,Organic, Super-Sweet Honey?

Our Honey is currently available in quart and pint jars
at The Plucky Peacock in Huntsville, Alabama.  You can find them at 546 Jeff Road.